2014-2015 How to Manage the English Department

Goal and Strategies

Goal:Create and maintain a positive and proactive environment that fosters the development of the four basic English skills.

Strategy: “Open. Fun. Effective.”

  • Management
  1. Clearly defined school roles and duties ※Sports Day, FF, etc., will be the responsibility of the project manager for that event.
  2. Effective class composition ※Considering the number of teachers, number of classes per week, and the level of each student
  3. Targeted Website ※ Ask yourself: “If you look at our website, do you understand everything?”
  • Instruction
  1. Textbooks and yearly curriculum ※Everything should fit within the Class Map.
  2. Usage and dispersal/distribution of the Weekly Report
  3. Authentic and objective assessment with the IPT
  4. English Department pod-based research classes ※Producing lesson plans
  • Global English
  1. Study of English as a lingua franca (working language/unifying language)
  2. Support the Exchange Program and Japanese faculty
English Department Administrative Duties Descriptions
Charges Name Job Lists
①Chief Sakai
  • Liaison & Arrangement; External
  • Instruction for English Teachers(PDCA Strategy)
  • Planning & Management; Global Understanding ED. Coordinator
  • Planning & Management; EIKEN
  • Staff Meeting
  • Head Mtg. & ED. Instruction
  • Global Understanding
②Sub-Chief Christie
  • Liaison & Arrangement; Internal(Morning Briefing)
  • Planning & Management; English Activities of SD & FF
  • Planning & Management; Website
  • Staff Meeting
  • SD & FF Committee
③Scheduling Hubbard
  • Liaison & Arrangement; Events Schedule & Time Tables
  • Planning & Management; English Class Questionnaires
  • Liaison & Arrangement; Scholastic Reading Book Club Instruction
④Assessment Christie
  • Planning & Management; Report Cards, IPT, EIKEN Instruction
⑤Lesson Report Stark
  • Weekly, Monthly & Annually Lesson Reports
  • Substitutes Arrangement & The English Dept. Board Instruction
⑥Global English Dalal
  • Planning & Management; English Activities as GUE
  • Global Understanding ED.
⑦IT Literacy Nelson
  • Maintain the English Department’s website
  • Audio Visual setup-assistance for English Dept.
Expectations for English Teachers

For everyone, good quality lessons come first.  How do we measure it?  These are the dimensions should also be considered when planning.

  • Board work
  • Way of Speaking
  • Speed & Pacing
  • Explanation & Instruction
  • Answering Questions
  • Opportunities to Speak
  • Pair work & Discussions
  • Resources available

In addition to qualified lessons, the English teachers are also to adhere the following abilities on daily school duties:

  • Daily Japanese Proficiency to be able to understand the school subjects
  • Communication Skills to be able to lead a team as a project manager
  • Problem-Solving Techniques to be able to implement immediately
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